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Audio Interview with Eve Arnold

Photographer Eve Arnold talks with Don during this 1987 interview about her collection of Marilyn Monroe portraits, and how she became acquainted with the famous icon. Eve Arnold has also photographed Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth II.

Arnold first met Monroe during a party. Monroe had seen some of Arnold’s work and was impressed. Monroe wanted to pose for Arnold. That turned into six sessions of the course of 10 years. The shortest photo shoot was two hours long.

It took Arnold so long to compile this book because she didn’t want to admit Monroe was dead. But while Monroe was alive, she asked Arnold to put together an appreciation. Arnold is confident her friend would still be grateful, even if it was finally published 25 years after her death.

“I thought it would be depressing, but it wasn’t because I could hear her,” Arnold said of Monroe.

To hear more about Marilyn Monroe and Arnold’s connection to her, click on the link below. Please note, this interview is difficult to understand at times due to the quality of the recording.

Listen to the Eve Arnold interview with Don Swaim, August 5, 1987
(RealAudio, 21 min. 06 sec.)

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