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Journalist and author, Joan Didion is considered a compulsive reviser and a compact and tight writer. She attributes these characteristics to her first editor at Vogue magazine in New York where she started her career. As a journalist, she has become over time very critical of American politics and culture. She enjoys writing essays for magazines, such as the collection of essays in Slouching Towards Bethlehem. Didion describes her writing style as throwing a lot of ideas down on paper until they form some sort of reasonable pattern. As a writer, she has published many books such as, Miami ( her newest novel at the time), Salvador, Democracy: a Novel, Play It As It Lays, A Book of Common Prayer and many others. She talks about meeting her husband John Gregory Dunne, and what it's like to live with another writer. They have worked together on films, and they are each other’s editors despite their differing writing styles.

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Listen to the Joan Didion interview with Don Swaim, October 29, 1987
(37 min. 40 sec.)

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