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Audio Interview with Marianne Wiggins

Marianne Wiggins, author of Evidence of Things Unseen, Almost Heaven, talks with Don Swaim about critics bothering her no matter how hard she tries to ignore them. For example, one critic said, “She doesn’t know how to write a male character.” She took that as a challenge and used a man as her main character for her next (and most recent at the time) novel, John Dollar.

Wiggins also comments on living in London and the differences with mass media and being an American writer in London.

Later in the interview, when talking about society, Marianne Wiggins and Don Swaim begin discussing the two worst taboos in any civilization and that a civilized nation has laws against these taboos.

Click on the link below to hear more from Marianne Wiggins.

Listen to the Marianne Wiggins interview with Don Swaim, April 4, 1990
(38 min. 04 sec.)

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