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Mark Halliday reads his poems

Mark Halliday


Mark Halliday has a Ph.D. in English from Brandeis University. He has taught at Wellesley College, the University of Pennsylvania, Western Michigan University, Indiana University, and has been at Ohio University since 1996. His books of poetry are Little Star (1987), a National Poetry Series selection, Tasker Street (1992), winner of the Juniper Prize, and Selfwolf (1999). Four of his poems have been featured in the online magazine Slate. Currently he teaches creative writing at Ohio University.


Halliday reads Nebraska Novel
Nebraska Novel (text)

Halliday reads Parkersburg
Parkersburg (text)

Halliday reads The Man Who Is Not at the Table
The Man Who Is Not at the Table (text)

Halliday reads Schnetzer Day
Schnetzer Day (text)

Halliday reads Winchendon
Winchendon (text)

Halliday reads Already in 1927
Already in 1927 (text)

Halliday reads Green Canoe
Green Canoe (text)


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