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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Art by Kit DeBerry

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Chapter 5

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  The Cyclone                        
Chapter 2.  The Council with the Munchkins     
Chapter 3.  How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow    
Chapter 4.  The Road Through the Forest        
Chapter 5.  The Rescue of the Tin Woodman      
Chapter 6.  The Cowardly Lion                  
Chapter 7.  The Journey to the Great Oz        
Chapter 8.  The Deadly Poppy Field             
Chapter 9.  The Queen of the Field Mice        
Chapter 10.  The Guardian of the Gates          
Chapter 11.  The Emerald City of Oz             
Chapter 12.  The Search for the Wicked Witch    
Chapter 13.  The Rescue
Chapter 14.  The Winged Monkeys                 
Chapter 15.  The Discovery of Oz the Terrible   
Chapter 16.  The Magic Art of the Great Humbug  
Chapter 17.  How the Balloon Was Launched       
Chapter 18.  Away to the South                  
Chapter 19.  Attacked by the Fighting Trees     
Chapter 20.  The Dainty China Country           
Chapter 21.  The Lion Becomes the King of Beasts
Chapter 22.  The Country of the Quadlings       
Chapter 23.  Glinda The Good Witch Grants Dorothy's Wish
Chapter 24.  Home Again 

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
by L. Frank Baum

An unabridged dramatic audio performance of the classic book directed and narrated by Karen M. Chan with the Wired for Books Players and featuring Nicoletta Mazzocca as Dorothy.

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Chapter 5

Cast & Credits

Narrated by Karen M. Chan

Sylvia Abbott - Queen of Field Mice
Carol Ault - Witch of the North
Joe Balding - Man, Mouse One, Tin Man
F. Dean Barker - Tiger
Christopher Bauman - Lion
James Caplinger - Ball of Fire, Lovely Lady, Old Man, Terrible Beast, The Wizard of Oz
Christian T. Chan - Clown, Hammer Head Man, King Crow, King of the Monkeys
Curtis M. Chan - Leader of Wolves
Karen M. Chan - Munchkin, Woman
Dominique DeBerry - Girl, Milkmaid
Kit DeBerry - Farmer's Wife
Teresa DeBerry - China Princess
Travis DelMatto - Munchkin
Alex Dittmer - Mouse Three
Patricia Elisar - Wicked Witch
Bryan Gibson - Winkie
Steve Haskins - Bog, Guardian of the Gates
Tonya Huiss - Green Servant Girl
David Kurz - Soldier
Lea Leneskie - Lady of the Court, Stork
Ron Luce - Uncle Henry
Nicoletta Mazzocca - Dorothy
David Pfeifer - Mouse Two, Scarecrow
Tim Sharp - Winkie
Anne B. Slattery - Auntie Em
Rusty Smith - Winkie
Colleen Stidham - Glinda
David Whealey - Munchkin

Karen M. Chan - Director
Kit DeBerry - Illustrator
Katie Callaghan - Assistant Audio Editor
Ryan Dyson - Audio Editor
David Kurz - Producer
Tina Schlaback - Flute
Lynn A. Sullivan - Composer and Keyboard


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