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Audio Interview with Patricia Hampl

One of the main concerns in Patricia Hampl's works is the idea of memory and its connection to imagination. These ideas are reflected in works such as A Romantic Education and I Could Tell You Stories: Sojourns in the Land of Memory.

For her most recent collection, Hampl rented a cabin at Lake Superior for the summer. She was attracted to the region, despite its depressiveness and bleakness due to unemployment. The place suited her poems.

When Hampl writes, she strives to be as clear as possible. She tries to stay away from the elitist stereotype that only a few people read poetry so only a few should understand it. She wants to reach as many as possible, even though she knows poetry is not an audience attracter.

She also wrote a great deal on loneliness, a feeling many writers go through during their careers.

In addition to publishing books, Hempl (at the time of the interview) teaches memoir, poetry and fiction writing at the University of Minnesota.

To hear more from Hampl and to hear her read one of her poems, click on the link below.

Listen to the Patricia Hampl interview with Don Swaim, October 17, 1983
(25 min. 59 sec.)

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