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Audio Interview with Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith, author of The Talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers on a Train, This Sweet Sickness, and several others, speaks with Don Swaim in this 1987 interview about the differences in the English vocabulary between European and American written language. She has had great success throughout her career, and several of her books have been turned into movies. Her most famous character, Tom Ripley, has been a continuous character throughout her career, and has been inspiration for several other books and movies. One thing she comments on is creating a certain pace, or speed of the novel in order to create suspense.

Listen to the Patricia Highsmith interview with Don Swaim, October 29, 1987
(20 min. 36 sec.)

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For many years most of the best writers of the English language found their way to Don Swaim's CBS Radio studio in New York. Wired for Books is proud to webcast these interviews in RealAudio.

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